I have been contacted by a fembot on MySpace. This one appears to either be an especially hard-working sweatshop typist or a semi-broken robot. I’m not willing to investigate further so the Turing test will not be done.

There’s no photo, which strikes me as a terrible mistake. Anyone who would go for something this idiotic needs a photo. I do have something in common with the robot, though. I love to have fun, too!

Hey Conrad!

I don’t mean to bother you.. I just moved out here around Newport Beach for work a couple of weeks ago. It sucks cuz I don’t know AnYBoDY out here ;(. My friends back home suggested I start a myspace and look for people in my area. I just started today so here I am! 😀

Well I’m lookin to meet a guy and you are pretty cute Hehe. About me… Well I’m 24, single, and I love to have fun. I’m into older men. Since you’re cute and 41, you fit the profile! LoL

I just started this myspace stuff today so my profile is pretty thin to say the least. If you wanna see some of my pix, I have a homepage @ houseofvicky.com/kris – there’s a bunch of photos and stuff… I also left you a PeRSoNaL message on the front page so come check it out k?

XoXo KriSty

11 thoughts on “ho-bot

  1. i just received a similar message from a fem bot who threatened that i wasn’t going to graduate from the university of virginia if i kept impersonating some guy named mike on myspace.
    hahahahahah yeah right.


  2. Fembot Blues
    The fembot was just obeying her Prime Annoyance Directive: “I made my way through the computer-controlled monorail, car by car, cruising for sentient beings.” — Mark Leyner, My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist


  3. I got that too but she was living in Irvine at the time.
    Does anyone know what is up with these bots and what they are for? I have recieved this one, and there is another that spams me abour 3 times a day always with a single pic (different each time) and the exact same text in it. They do not seem to be pimping porn sites like the older ones did.


  4. it’s brett
    finally got the address right, but ti looks like you changed the message. sorry about that. email me back, and let’s get together.


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