I have been contacted by a fembot on MySpace. This one appears to either be an especially hard-working sweatshop typist or a semi-broken robot. I’m not willing to investigate further so the Turing test will not be done.

There’s no photo, which strikes me as a terrible mistake. Anyone who would go for something this idiotic needs a photo. I do have something in common with the robot, though. I love to have fun, too!

Hey Conrad!

I don’t mean to bother you.. I just moved out here around Newport Beach for work a couple of weeks ago. It sucks cuz I don’t know AnYBoDY out here ;(. My friends back home suggested I start a myspace and look for people in my area. I just started today so here I am! 😀

Well I’m lookin to meet a guy and you are pretty cute Hehe. About me… Well I’m 24, single, and I love to have fun. I’m into older men. Since you’re cute and 41, you fit the profile! LoL

I just started this myspace stuff today so my profile is pretty thin to say the least. If you wanna see some of my pix, I have a homepage @ houseofvicky.com/kris – there’s a bunch of photos and stuff… I also left you a PeRSoNaL message on the front page so come check it out k?

XoXo KriSty