my phone died

Dunno when it will be back. Just called their support line.

The voice told me to enter my number, and I did.

The voice then asked me whether I had a lost phone, or had a phone insurance situation, or had a dead phone. I chose dead phone.

The voice then spoke to me at length about monitoring of the call for customer service, the possible necessity repeating my phone number, and the soon to be achieved help as soon as I was transferred.

Another voice then intervened and explained the hours of the service and the time zone thereof. And then it hung up.


I know what I need

To master the challenges of the future, I require a Hyper Lethal Mini Robotic Attack Helicopter or two.

Enjoy the breathless prose of the war-machine lover:

Developed to be utilized as a tactical hunter/killer unmanned helicopter (mini-helicopter) a.k.a. unmanned combat armed rotorcraft (UCAR) for search-and-destroy missions and convoy security/force protection missions, the weaponized NRI AutoCopter Explorer robotic helicopter is a high-tech, high-speed, hyper-maneuverable and highly-weaponized harbinger of death and destruction from above–for the enemy, that is. It will be able to fly in in on enemy targets–both ground and aerial targets–at over 100 mph and engage those targets with forty (40) 12-gauge shotgun rounds or various types of 3-inch (3”) fin-stabilized FRAG-12 HE (High Explosive) grenade rounds at 300 RPM (Rounds Per Minute) out of the twin-AA-12s. The operator/pilot will be able to fire each gun individually or both guns simultaneously, depending on the situation. Oh, and did we mention that it (AutoCopter Explorer) will also be easily transportable in the back of your van (or SUV)?

Of course because of various dumb rules I can’t get one, so they’ll just be sent to suppress urban uprisings abroad and at home. Ho, hum.


I have been contacted by a fembot on MySpace. This one appears to either be an especially hard-working sweatshop typist or a semi-broken robot. I’m not willing to investigate further so the Turing test will not be done.

There’s no photo, which strikes me as a terrible mistake. Anyone who would go for something this idiotic needs a photo. I do have something in common with the robot, though. I love to have fun, too!

Hey Conrad!

I don’t mean to bother you.. I just moved out here around Newport Beach for work a couple of weeks ago. It sucks cuz I don’t know AnYBoDY out here ;(. My friends back home suggested I start a myspace and look for people in my area. I just started today so here I am! 😀

Well I’m lookin to meet a guy and you are pretty cute Hehe. About me… Well I’m 24, single, and I love to have fun. I’m into older men. Since you’re cute and 41, you fit the profile! LoL

I just started this myspace stuff today so my profile is pretty thin to say the least. If you wanna see some of my pix, I have a homepage @ – there’s a bunch of photos and stuff… I also left you a PeRSoNaL message on the front page so come check it out k?

XoXo KriSty

It’s CHAZ! (consumer whore)

Robot Keychain Watch #2

I was looking for a cheap pocket watch because my old one died, and bemoaning that there weren’t any decent ones that didn’t have Ye Olde Railroade engraving or some kind of paramilitary slogan. I went to Fossil’s site and was poking around because they’ve done some okay ones in the past, and rumplestimpskin was looking too and found this awesome robot keychain watch!

Closeup below behind the cut