C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas Windows Genuine Advantage

  1. I apologize for barely reading any of you lately. A new job and shoulder problems aren’t conducive to plowing through LJ posts and RSS feeds. If you’ve announced something to the world via LJ that you assume I know, I don’t!
  2. Shoulder. Ow, still, I had to get forceful with the internal medicine guy about the fact that the pace of investigation is glacial and I hurt so damn much that I spend a fair amount of time writhing. He tightened up the appointment schedule and gave me some Vicodin, which is unpleasantly doping but does give me a couple of hours taking the edge off.
  3. I think I might go to Bar Camp L.A. ( http://barcamp.org/BarcampLA-3 ) tomorrow. It looks pleasantly nerdy, and a least a couple of people I know are going. I hope the nerds can deal with 12th & Long Beach in the warehouse district!
  4. I heard a My Chemical Romance song and liked it. Yow.
  5. On more definite musical ground, I enjoy this band The Early Years tremendously. ( http://www.theearlyyears.org.uk/ ). They sound a bit like the Chameleons and earlier Joy Division, or even Television. But not imitators either, I think. Let me know what you think. obnoxicant in particular!
  6. I am reading a history of the Algerian war. What a horrible mess.
  7. I enjoy my new job.


  • There is a nest of baby scorpions living in the left side of my sinuses. So-called “medical professionals” tell me it’s the common cold, but I know better. No little virus could cause this throbbing ache, effusion of mucus, and spasmodically weak jaw muscle. I expect them to burst through my left eye socket and wave their happy claws at the sun sometime tomorrow.
  • La Brea Bakery sourdough, heated, with butter, does a lot to make life more livable.
  • After the scorpions come out tomorrow I think I’m gonna go on a little photo expedition. Where should I go?


I shouldn’t complain because I’m already mostly over the damned thing after 24 hours and it’s not the Flu-Bola™ that everyone else got, but rhinoviruses are overrrated. No sir, I don’t like it. Snurfle.


Actually a pot of green jasmine tea and a largish glass of Barenjager have done a lot to make life bearable.

list of surprising things today

  • A young guy in a ball cap and sweatshirt and jeans, very typical OC college student type, showed up on the patio and sat outside. He produced from somewhere a bird, a small green one, something similar to a parakeet. Odessa, who was sitting next to me inside, pointed him out. We watched him talk to the bird, who wandered around on the table in front of him and periodically sat on his hand or let him skritch it. He was smoking but keeping the cigarette away from the bird. They appeared to be friends. And then later he walked off towards Wendy’s and we couldn’t see the bird any more. Where’d the bird go? He didn’t look like someone who’d have a bird! What is going on?
  • Jared sent me a Tori Amos video. Yes, that Jared.
  • The apostrophe in “McDonald’s” temporarily broke the large, professional website of the company for whom I work.
  • I read a whole book today. It’s been a while since I did that.

Dear the Internet

I just spent the four hours from midnight until now waiting for a large technology company to fix their end of the giant mechanical badger we’re building together so that could start it up again. Waiting for someone else to do something for four hours is much more annoying than working for this amount of time.

During this time my eyes started to really tear up and I decided to remove my disposable contacts. When I went to do so I couldn’t find the left one and thought it had fallen out when I was rubbing my eyes in an irritated way earlier.

Just now, hours later, I discovered that this rogue contact had been hiding in one corner of my eye which is why I still couldn’t see too well and was itchy and wondered if I had Eyeball Rot. But no, there was a small piece of plastic stuck up in a corner there somewhere.

I’d give all of you an eczema update but I think I’ve been erotic enough what with the giant mechanical badger and the eyeball issues.

Good night!

Dream of the wrong D.

I think the last few have been coming directly from some peculiar research facility where they’re beaming Jungian imagery over the internet into my head.

In my dream I’m Apollo chasing Daphne, knowing that she wants nothing to do with me and that she’s going to turn into a damn plant, but this is my role so here I go. It’s all about which arrow hits you. I duck around bushes barely catching sight of her, and then suddenly I run into a clearing.

Only Daphne’s nowhere to be seen, not even as a laurel tree, and there’s some other woman there. Slightly too late I realize this is Diana, oh shit she doesn’t like it when guys show up and BOOM! She turns me into a deer.

A Far Side deer, at that. She wanders off and I sit frustrated on a stump.

Story of my fuckin’ life, man.