Dream of the wrong D.

I think the last few have been coming directly from some peculiar research facility where they’re beaming Jungian imagery over the internet into my head.

In my dream I’m Apollo chasing Daphne, knowing that she wants nothing to do with me and that she’s going to turn into a damn plant, but this is my role so here I go. It’s all about which arrow hits you. I duck around bushes barely catching sight of her, and then suddenly I run into a clearing.

Only Daphne’s nowhere to be seen, not even as a laurel tree, and there’s some other woman there. Slightly too late I realize this is Diana, oh shit she doesn’t like it when guys show up and BOOM! She turns me into a deer.

A Far Side deer, at that. She wanders off and I sit frustrated on a stump.

Story of my fuckin’ life, man.

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