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I’m covered in writer’s block like a wet sheepskin. Help me out. If I can pick one of the articles that have been bonking about in my head and stick to it, things will be easier. The poll below has a list of titles. Pick one!

I have no idea how many people read this, or how many of those are interested, but this will give my brain a shove. Thanks!.

If you can’t stand my writing, don’t want me to write, or are disappointed in the lack of “Surface to Air Missile” option, the comments are there for you.

What’s your pleasure, sir?

It used to be that when I read something on the Internet and disagreed with it in a serious way, I would say something. I might be polite or not, depending on the context, but I’d have that moment of “I cannot remain silent!” and off goes the reply.

This is rare now. I look at something idiotic or wicked or just flat wrong and say: “who the hell CARES?” Is this a sign of a better-tuned brain or just exhaustion at the flood of dumb and nasty? Either way, it isn’t as stressful.

I am going to SF next Thursday for business and will be there Thursday afternoon, evening, and some of Friday.

Bob used the phrases “concerned morons,” “box-wine rummo,” and “bar-stained elbows” today.

What’s your favorite nonferrous metal, and why?

I return. I’ve been gone for a week. Therefore I am DRAWING a LIME in the SAND and not even trying to catch up on anything here. If you got killed or the Beatles came back or something, let me know. Apologies.

Complaint (trivial)

Attention to the following groups of people:

  • Bar owners
  • Movie screencap posters
  • Homeowners with new large televisions
  • Video website owners
  • Video uploaders to said sites
  • Home video enthusiasts


I mean if you want to spend four figures on a piece of equipment and misuse it it’s your deal but I have to look at this one. Stretching everything so it reaches the edge of the screen is not the same as making it look good. And why the fuck would you want to post a screencap online of your favorite movie with everyone looking like they’re in a God-damned funhouse?


Okay whew. None of this is important. But somehow lately the unimportant things are the easiest ones to yell about.