15 thoughts on “Transdimensional casual apparel for men

      1. I just put a big pan of kugel in the oven. Yum! Doesn’t get much greater than that. Okay, if you were here, it’d be a bit greater, but we’ll make do without you.


  1. Happy Crimmus
    How freakin’ cool izzat?
    Now, if you had someplace cold to wear it…
    P.S. – your beard has come in much fuller than mine. I am now going to go shave out of shame.


      1. Re: Happy Crimmus
        I trimmed it to a Van Dyke & sideburns… I couldn’t bear to undo the “hard work” from the past 2-3 weeks, but I just HADDA try out the shaving stuff I got for Crimmus – a new mug & soap, and a LOVELY boar’s hair brush!


  2. Nice hat.
    Thank you for providing me the opportunity to read your live journal.
    I have appreciated your intelligence, humor and compassion. Good wishes for the new year.


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