What’s your pleasure, sir?

It used to be that when I read something on the Internet and disagreed with it in a serious way, I would say something. I might be polite or not, depending on the context, but I’d have that moment of “I cannot remain silent!” and off goes the reply.

This is rare now. I look at something idiotic or wicked or just flat wrong and say: “who the hell CARES?” Is this a sign of a better-tuned brain or just exhaustion at the flood of dumb and nasty? Either way, it isn’t as stressful.

I am going to SF next Thursday for business and will be there Thursday afternoon, evening, and some of Friday.

Bob used the phrases “concerned morons,” “box-wine rummo,” and “bar-stained elbows” today.

What’s your favorite nonferrous metal, and why?

27 thoughts on “What’s your pleasure, sir?

      1. i have misplaced your contact info and ALSO email and ALSO I cannot do breakfast tomorrow. I sure as heck hope this reaches you in time to be less annoying than it could.


      1. Although, I usually find that whenever I start thinking to myself “hmm, I sure don’t feel the need to argue with people on the Internet as much as I used to,” that’s a sure sign that I’m about to spend the next 24 hours on the community calling someone a douchebag.


  1. I’ve been in the “can’t be bothered” phase for a few years now. The only really bothersome thing intarweb wise is that I don’t really get to talk to all of my online friends as much as I used to. How can one miss IRC?!
    My favourite nonferrous metal is titanium, because it goes from looking really shiny to looking greyish then almost black over time. HJ’s and my wedding rings started off being like this to a blackish tinge now, and eventually they apparently go blacker. Pretty neat!


  2. I think I’ve gotten less likely to pipe up because I feel like it makes so little difference. There are plenty of idiots out there that will never listen, so I try to stick with people that seem interested.


  3. My vote is better-tuned brain, though I suspect another explanation is possible: the evil-stupid aspect is hardening itself against small-scale attack.
    My favorite nonferrous metal is probably neodymium, because A) it’s freaking everywhere, B) almost nobody knows it’s name.


  4. i too have found myself in the land of Who Gives A Shit. i personally think it’s 1) good to not get worked up; 2) good to spend less time yakking into the deja-blabspace about Who Is Right etc; 3) good to have more time to spend on Better conversations and thoughts and etc. i feel happier for it, too.
    non-ferrous metal: copper. it makes me think of my grandmother.


    1. also i meant to say that if you want to have dinner thursday let me know; i’ll be working in the so.bay but am usually back up in SF by 7ish. we could go somewhere around my ‘hood, maybe.


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