C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas Windows Genuine Advantage

  1. I apologize for barely reading any of you lately. A new job and shoulder problems aren’t conducive to plowing through LJ posts and RSS feeds. If you’ve announced something to the world via LJ that you assume I know, I don’t!
  2. Shoulder. Ow, still, I had to get forceful with the internal medicine guy about the fact that the pace of investigation is glacial and I hurt so damn much that I spend a fair amount of time writhing. He tightened up the appointment schedule and gave me some Vicodin, which is unpleasantly doping but does give me a couple of hours taking the edge off.
  3. I think I might go to Bar Camp L.A. ( http://barcamp.org/BarcampLA-3 ) tomorrow. It looks pleasantly nerdy, and a least a couple of people I know are going. I hope the nerds can deal with 12th & Long Beach in the warehouse district!
  4. I heard a My Chemical Romance song and liked it. Yow.
  5. On more definite musical ground, I enjoy this band The Early Years tremendously. ( http://www.theearlyyears.org.uk/ ). They sound a bit like the Chameleons and earlier Joy Division, or even Television. But not imitators either, I think. Let me know what you think. obnoxicant in particular!
  6. I am reading a history of the Algerian war. What a horrible mess.
  7. I enjoy my new job.

8 thoughts on “C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas Windows Genuine Advantage

  1. Enjoying a job
    Congrats. I just had a job. Note use of past tense. I was doing research for a documentary film, but actually I was calling people and faxing them interview request. Which um, isn’t really what I’m best at. So the film went “on hiatus.” Which I think means when they unhiatatize, I won’t be there, but I did get two weeks of stress, I mean pay out of it. I had whinged to a friend that the job, combined with school and old-people parents stuff, was making me a little tenser than I like–and *poof* job gone!
    Relieved, actually…

  2. Glad to hear you like your new job
    That alone should eliminate some of the stress in your life, thus improving your mental and physical health. Bad jobs can tear us down.

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