C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas Windows Genuine Advantage

  1. I apologize for barely reading any of you lately. A new job and shoulder problems aren’t conducive to plowing through LJ posts and RSS feeds. If you’ve announced something to the world via LJ that you assume I know, I don’t!
  2. Shoulder. Ow, still, I had to get forceful with the internal medicine guy about the fact that the pace of investigation is glacial and I hurt so damn much that I spend a fair amount of time writhing. He tightened up the appointment schedule and gave me some Vicodin, which is unpleasantly doping but does give me a couple of hours taking the edge off.
  3. I think I might go to Bar Camp L.A. ( http://barcamp.org/BarcampLA-3 ) tomorrow. It looks pleasantly nerdy, and a least a couple of people I know are going. I hope the nerds can deal with 12th & Long Beach in the warehouse district!
  4. I heard a My Chemical Romance song and liked it. Yow.
  5. On more definite musical ground, I enjoy this band The Early Years tremendously. ( http://www.theearlyyears.org.uk/ ). They sound a bit like the Chameleons and earlier Joy Division, or even Television. But not imitators either, I think. Let me know what you think. obnoxicant in particular!
  6. I am reading a history of the Algerian war. What a horrible mess.
  7. I enjoy my new job.

folks i haven’t read my lj friends list in more than a week because every time i get loose of work my shoulder goes out on me but frankly it’s not that bad and will probably be fixed unlike many of mine or my friends’ problems but anyway i thought i should let you know that i am preparing spaghettic rigate with tomato sauce and a romaine lettuce salad with parmesan both of which look pretty good despite the fact that I am under the influence of POWERFUL PRESCRIPTION MUSCLE RELAXANTS. Hi!


  1. Reading an article about the Iraq war in The Economist today, I aw in an interview with a U.S. officer that the euphemism “force” for “killing people” has now been replaced with the euphemism for “force”: “kinetics”. Please make a note of it.
  2. My cat is hungry all the time, yet barfs a lot. She’s seriously like a dog now in that every time I get up she assumes it’s food time. I’m thinking we’re not feeding her enough, but I don’t want her to get fat again. Worry.
  3. In Nightmare Come to Life news, Floridians with soft contact lenses are getting EYE FUNGUS INFECTIONS AAA AA AAIIIIIIGGH.
  4. Check out the world champion of fast drawing!
  5. In the latest Grim Meathook News, the CDC’s Morbidity & Mortality Report documents the Worst Reeboks Ever. Yeesh.
  6. Soon you’ll be able to get the awesome Google Earth in your car.
  7. The headline of the day is: MAN CONVICTED FOR SHOOTING ROBOT MOOSE.
  8. Fans of the over-the-top crazy soap Passions will be delighted with their new website. I think this is the first time I’ve seen the Crack House font since Diablo.
  9. If you wonder whether the government is going to get your weblogs, consult this list of subpoena’d ISPs and sites.

and our hair cut the wrong way

Cornmeal-crusted baked chicken breasts with black pepper; beet and tomato salad with garlic mayonnaise; steamed French beans with butter.

My cat is barking at me. I keep saying to her: WRONG ANIMAL.

atrustheotaku linked to the strangest book I’ve seen in a while, a turn of the century guide to some kind of jacked-up Japanese pidgin. My favorite page of his scans so far is the Review from the Native Press.

It’s so quiet in here I can hear my eyes moving like in a Ren & Stimpy cartoon.