folks i haven’t read my lj friends list in more than a week because every time i get loose of work my shoulder goes out on me but frankly it’s not that bad and will probably be fixed unlike many of mine or my friends’ problems but anyway i thought i should let you know that i am preparing spaghettic rigate with tomato sauce and a romaine lettuce salad with parmesan both of which look pretty good despite the fact that I am under the influence of POWERFUL PRESCRIPTION MUSCLE RELAXANTS. Hi!

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  1. Mamma Mia, dat’s-a some spicy meat-a ball-a!
    Management: Please take good care of my , and please return him to his original upright position before landing.


  2. Last night, I drank two single-malt Irish whiskeys and several pints of Guinness, got takeout Thai food that seared my stomach lining, and then suddenly got the urge to bake chocolate cookies!


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