This is why I blog.

For no-breathe funny replies like this one to my poke at Chronic Cantina guy. Oh man. Quoted below in full, context more apparent at the post itself:

It’s only obvious that you are just one of many, MANY forgettable girls who have been quickly turned on and turned out by my friend Mr. Scheinberg here…which im sure was quickly followed by a “What was your name?” type of moment! LOL Ahh…So many broken hearts…So little time to care.

Oh, but what do I know? Well as someone who got down and did The Butt Naked Booty Scoot with him as well as help him run one of his first companies while he finished law school at Chapman 7 years ago…I think I’m a little more than qualified. Did I mention he is hands down my favorite boss and manager to date? (And I mean from a professional position not a sexual one…although that too was quite impressive!) *

I’m definitely qualified enough to tell you that if you are so ignorant and immature as to not respect the fact that Keith Scheinberg is one of the youngest and most successful MEN in Orange County -not to mention extremely good looking & good in bed- then I would suggest doing us all a favor and keep your lips and legs the same way – closed!

Peace! (Shout out to MAX- love ya!)

Keepin’ my lips and my legs wiiiide open here, babe. Say hi to Marie Antoinette for me! It’s all good.


Implementation of tag limit: suboptimal.

So I’m over the limit. Can’t add tags. This means that a recent entry which is topical and of great use can’t have appropriate tags. Rats. Okay, I’ll remove some, can’t be so hard. I use tags for fun a lot, and I could lose a few.

Problem: no idea how many tags I have. Just that I can’t have any more, because I’m over 1000. No idea how many to remove. Only way to find out, as far as I see, is to remove a few and keep trying.

Not worth it.

Even better! The way this shows up is if I post from XJournal and I exceed the limit, my entry just gets no tags. If I look at the entry, it has all the tags I wanted. But if I click on the tag icon to add and edit them, it then complains when I save. But it doesn’t say which tag is new and can’t be added, nor does it give me a link to the tag edit page so I can remove some; I have to find that myself.

I am put in mind of various developers who’ve been fired from my jobs for Just Not Listening.

Okay, tags were fun. Non-feature now.

Software engineering: be a part of it!

flags and tags

The LJ “flag content” and age restriction policy isn’t shocking or unusual. It’s surprising that they’ve gone so long without it. If it’s done properly, content flagging is the best way to deal with the problem of adult content and people who don’t want to see it.

Note that online video sites, Craigslist, Flickr, and just about every other social network have mechanisms like this. It can be poorly implemented or need incremental improvement but I think outrage is misplaced.

Flagging can be misused, especially if it’s done wrong, and Digg-like behavior ensues. If LJ fails to code this right there will be problems, and possibly very bad problems. Ideally it should work the way Craigslist does, or AIM’s “zapping,” where one person can’t cause a lot of damage.

The tag problem is worse. They should have set an arbitrary limit when tags were launched, but they didn’t think about scaling and now they have to do it retroactively and annoy people. I would guess (and hope) that their engineers will find a better way of handling tags and the limit will be raised or removed at some time.

I’m not talking out my ear here. I’ve been on both ends of this argument since 1991, on a variety of services that serve radically different audiences. The “flag content” system is imperfect and sometimes maddeningly broken, but top-down approaches are a far worse failure. Letting the community flag things based on their own biases and then sorting out the disagreements is the only think I’ve seen work, at all.

With the current U.S. legal environment I doubt LJ has many alternatives. If someone wanted to check out the LJ code and build one in Belarus or something, it might take off as a refuge from this kind of thing.