This is why I blog.

For no-breathe funny replies like this one to my poke at Chronic Cantina guy. Oh man. Quoted below in full, context more apparent at the post itself:

It’s only obvious that you are just one of many, MANY forgettable girls who have been quickly turned on and turned out by my friend Mr. Scheinberg here…which im sure was quickly followed by a “What was your name?” type of moment! LOL Ahh…So many broken hearts…So little time to care.

Oh, but what do I know? Well as someone who got down and did The Butt Naked Booty Scoot with him as well as help him run one of his first companies while he finished law school at Chapman 7 years ago…I think I’m a little more than qualified. Did I mention he is hands down my favorite boss and manager to date? (And I mean from a professional position not a sexual one…although that too was quite impressive!) *

I’m definitely qualified enough to tell you that if you are so ignorant and immature as to not respect the fact that Keith Scheinberg is one of the youngest and most successful MEN in Orange County -not to mention extremely good looking & good in bed- then I would suggest doing us all a favor and keep your lips and legs the same way – closed!

Peace! (Shout out to MAX- love ya!)

Keepin’ my lips and my legs wiiiide open here, babe. Say hi to Marie Antoinette for me! It’s all good.

33 thoughts on “This is why I blog.

  1. i’d know your extremely good-looking & good in bed writing style anywhere, j.max
    lolls, fakest account ever. i love how even grown people are not prevented by their grownness from doing this.


    1. Re: i’d know your extremely good-looking & good in bed writing style anywhere, j.max
      I wonder how long he’ll be one of the youngest men in orange county?


      1. Re: i’d know your extremely good-looking & good in bed writing style anywhere, j.max
        eye’ll have you know that i am very young! if that doesn’t command your respect, internet stranger, then nothing will!
        i mean him. not me. because i’m someone else.
        PS: you are a girl


      2. Re: i’d know your extremely good-looking & good in bed writing style anywhere, j.max
        He might be able to pull that off if he lives up to his full, baby-devouring promise.


  2. Ye. Ghods.
    It’s beautiful; like a zen fugue it captures all that is the essence of teh_OC. I have seen perfection… there is nothing more.
    I think the best part is the “I fucked my boss to get ahead, so somehow I am better than you,” thing she has happening… and I guarantee she does not get the “Marie Antoinette” gloss.
    btw, I think MAXAMILLIAN has opened a new “Chronic” theme taqueria/brodude-hut just down the street from me in Long Beach… boy is he going to be disappointed.
    mojo sends


    1. I would say that worrying about the Butt/Buck heresy in the context of the phrase The Butt Naked Booty Scoot is akin to the man in the guillotine fussing about his beard. But I’m definitely on your side in this.
      Buck Naked of the Interstellar Space Patrol, Over and OUT.


      1. Although interestingly, one of the main associations behind the word “Buck” is to the young, strapping American Indian or African-American male, with all the attendant 18th-19th century implications of savagery and nekkidness. So Buck Naked comes mightily close to “Butt Naked Homicidal African Warlord.”
        Historically speaking.


  3. nickleback for scientifical purposes
    I just sat through NICKLEBACK on his profile, because I hadn’t clicked on it before but decided to go for it!!! this time and this is who he wants to meet:
    “Who I’d like to meet:
    Spontaneous/ intellectual who enjoys going out and having loads of fun VIP style. I like girls that are sexy, funny, charming and open-minded and like new experiences and opportunities ——– I like to pick up and go places ie. the Greek Isles for a weekend etc, be prepared if I call you and tell you to pack your suitcase and I will pick you up in 20 min.”


    1. Re: nickleback for scientifical purposes
      jesus I mean did you SEE how intellectual that girl’s tits were!!! I mean MAN!!!
      your bags weren’t packed in 20 mins I guess it’s just us guys goin 2 places ie the Greek Isles
      too bad you’ll miss out on all our Greek style!


    2. Re: nickleback for scientifical purposes
      We learned from Ken that “open-minded” means girls who like it in the arse. I guess that makes the whole Butt Naked Booty Scoot thing make more sense.


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