If anyone sees bob…

Tell him to gimme a call! Collect, or pay phone, or whatever. His prepaid phone is dead and has the cheery message saying I should call again later.

I guess they decided that prepaid phones were “urban” because the error message guy sounds like Will Smith.

Or tell Bob I’ll be at BG tonight, and he can have a ride if he wants. He can’t ride his WHIZZER right now so I want to make sure he gets out of the house, gets food, etc.

5 thoughts on “If anyone sees bob…

  1. At first I thought this said “If anyone sees boobs” and I thought, “I see ’em every day. They’re no big deal.”
    I hope Bob is okay.

  2. I saw Bob today, You probably couldn’t get a hold of him because he had a small surgery to remove a skin cancer from his back. Dan

    1. Yep – that’s exactly why I was trying to get hold of him. I was the one who drove him to the surgery!
      But his phone was just out of order. I saw him later. Thanks.

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