Plug my ears but I hear you

Did you see it on tv
Or in your own back yard
Gates’ LAPD
And then they called the national guard
Then the tanks came rolling down
Sunset boulevard
and I hear america snoring…

— Grant Lee Buffalo, “America Snoring” from Fuzzy, 1993

It was in my own back yard, Grant. You and I watched it in disbelief. I can still smell it, if I happen to think about it.

6 thoughts on “Plug my ears but I hear you

      1. Cool. I love MJM; Chorus to the title track has got to be one of the most interesting melodies of the genre. And the progression from “Last Days of Tecumseh” to “Happiness” is just such a dirty trick to play – I can see them in the mixing studio saying, alright, we give ’em a sad song, and then we’ll REALLY make ’em cry in their beer…


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