LJ Content Strike


Note: The comments are partially NSFW due to hilarity extending into naughty bits.

49 thoughts on “LJ Content Strike

      1. One may have more than simply money invested in a project. I’m just saying, as the maintainer of an LJ-code based alternative, I’d hardly call your advocacy of Content Strike and relocation “detatched”. Tis madness, yet there is method in’t.


      2. They’ll be down on their knees after a day with 15% less Aubrey/Maturin slash, 8% less internet-libertarian throatbeard rant, and 1% less teen wangst! THE WORKERS CONTROL THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION!
        (Cut to shot of general strike in Dhaka or Jakarta, fire, bodies everywhere, water cannon)


      3. I’m sure that translates to something like “you should have been an abortion… lolz!”, like just about any other bit of Cyrillic in LJ.


      1. i wish i was that happy when a cock magically appeared near my junk.
        if you were a true commie you would be stoked on the oppression of the poor working class to bring forth the revolution. marx is giving you the stink eye.


  1. I understand how they feel, but I’m not sure they’re focused on the proper points. I hate ads, I hate to think of all the people that visit my LJ that are subject to that fucking snap widget, but I can always go elsewhere because it’s their ball and bat (which I have in other situations just fine). My Friday Fiver will be posted a bit after 12:00AM tomorrow – let my friend list shrink!!1!


      1. Re: marx is giving you the stink eye
        Cause at least you can opt out if you pay.
        Are you sure? It turns it off your LJ for everyone that visits?


  2. here, here!
    Why don’t people understand that LJ is a business, kinda like Urban Outfitters, and just like UO they can change around- the way it looks, what they sell, how much they sell it for…
    why are the rules supposed to be different for LJ?


  3. On the other hand: If the owner of an international website is giving interviews to respond to an “absurd” protest action and admits there are problems among his spin, then the action actually worked. It may not live up to the organizers fanciful rhetoric and expectations, but it got a result in advance. Damn!


  4. hahahahah yes. I agree. I love it when the winers forget that there are (VERY GENEROUS ESTIMATE) 50,000 of them and *10 million* who don’t give a shit.
    Nobody. Fucking. Cares. And this is coming from someone who A) used to work for LiveJournal B) thinks SUP is fucking up and C) … well… did I always say shut up? Shut up.


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