We are all a rickroll now

Blog software that includes the headline in the url ruins things. I don’t know why, but if I show someone a link and it has the dumb headline in there, it somehow spoilers the story even when it’s not a story one would expect to be spoiled.

Am I crazy, or is the whole-story-in-url just a bad thing? Especially with photos.

11 thoughts on “We are all a rickroll now

  1. Story in the URL is good for increasing search visibility. Not sure if that’s the explicit intention or just a happy accident, but it’s a factor.


  2. i like headlines in the url, or a summary at least, or some other sort of useful hint at its content. helps me decide whether or not to click when it’s a bare url without much context (such as in the cases of lazy deliciousers, irc pasters, bloggers with snarky anchor text, etc).


    1. I get that. I think it’s more like sending someone an url that turns out to be blog/totally/hilarious/dog/bites/guy/in/last/3/seconds or /breaking/news/presidentwithoutpants where once you’ve seen the url there’s no point, and the fun of seeing the headline or the pic and going OMG is just punctured.
      or you know, rickroll’d


  3. Damn you, Jakob Nielsen
    It’s all Jakob and SEO, now. His emphasis on using ‘microcontent’ to push the inverted-pyramid style to anything in an html H tag, and to the url itself, is part of the issue, I think. It’s great for skimming CNN, good for eliminating the ‘mystery meat’ quality that a lot of posting can take on, but it’s murder on stuff where the punch line or the payoff lies in any kind of surprise…


  4. I actually prefer the full descriptive URLs. example.com/blog/we-are-all-a-rickroll-now, to me, is more descriptive and informative (and therefore better) than example.com/index.php?p=1737886. I generally know whether or not I want to click it by the title. Even if it’s a “spoiler” like example.com/dog-bites-president-without-pants, I don’t mind. If it’s funny to see someone get bit in the nuts, it should be able to stand on its own; it’ll still be funny regardless of the title. If it was supposed to be a surprise, the original content poster should have named it differently.


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