cue ball head

I got the #1 buzz with shave the dumb stuff on top option again this time. Remind me to keep it this way; feels so much better than tangly greasy fringe.

Bird's View of Bald Guy
Aerial View

Three Quarter View of Bald Guy
A 3/4 view from my blind spot. Mostly for me because I can’t see this.

I am bald, profile view.
Profile view. It feels so nice to be a cueball.

Tomato, cucumber, toasted slivered almonds, dill, black pepper, rice vinegar, olive oil: SALAD.

Hey! You were good and ate all your bald guy and salad. Here’s dessert: Blondie circa 1977. Mmm, Deborah Harry. I had such a crush on her when I was 13.


20 thoughts on “cue ball head

    1. Me too. I have 38947398743987 pounds of hair, and in this muggy ass heat, I can’t do anything but cover it up with a scarf to keep it off my sweaty forehead anyhow.
      I’d have to find someone to tattoo the Alien Nation stuff on my head if I shaved it, though.


    I never before noticed your awesomely angular nose! A winner is it! And that salad looks crazy tasty. Rice vinegar and olive oil, you say?


      1. I just got that book as a gift from . I’ve been told Hitchens wrote it before he went insane; haven’t cracked it yet. Here’s hoping.
        “Sweatshop almonds” is a really gross image!


      2. His political stuff has gone downhill, if it ever was really of any use. But I wouldn’t mind reading anything he writes about literature, and Orwell particularly.


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