I shouldn’t complain because I’m already mostly over the damned thing after 24 hours and it’s not the Flu-Bola™ that everyone else got, but rhinoviruses are overrrated. No sir, I don’t like it. Snurfle.


Actually a pot of green jasmine tea and a largish glass of Barenjager have done a lot to make life bearable.

10 thoughts on “I AM A RIVER OF PHLEGM

  1. I kept telling Ryan that if I could make an exception to my drug and alcohol free lifestyle for just one day I just know i could make it all better with a tumbler of whiskey.

  2. “I was closer to that goat than I was to your own mother! They charged it with conduct unbecoming a farm animal– blasphemy, that is! They would’ve commuted its sentence if it could’ve sung the first five stanzas of ‘Tarim is My Shepherd, I Will Not Bleat’.”

  3. Glad it’s nearly out of your system.
    Clipper green tea w/ lemon has been good to me the past few days. Still got more sweating to do, tho’. CRONK BLONK TRACHEA.

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