14 thoughts on “A double macchiato at Kéan

    1. The flickr exif info says: Taken with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel.
      All I know is, it makes me crave a mocha from Ritual made with Stumptown. urrrrrhghghggh.

    2. Camera info
      Gee. I didn’t know that about new digital cameras: all this neat info is stored with the jpeg. On flickr it’s under “more properties.”
      White point chromaticity, shutter speed, imaging software.
      Artist name.
      This one must be truncated–the specification clearly also includes 3-digit authentication code for artist credit card, and location of artist’s bedroom with sleeping habits. I’m going to wait to buy until they put GPS into them, for full stalk-and-post capability.

      1. Re: Camera info
        Photoshop strips that out when you “save for web” so I go through some gyrations to preserve it in the jpg, because I want to know later on and I kinda like the EXIF/XMP data on Flickr. I add the author and city and state and all that crap myself in photoshop.

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