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  1. I’ve gotten that deny button as part of a larger puzzle in which I could not delete myspace messages from profiles which no longer exist. My thought was the button was meant to reflect the first stage of dead profile grieving. They’ve probably fixed it by now, but just how shitty of site management do you have to be to produce the
    “can’t delete objects from deleted accounts” error. Isn’t that the sort of bug they’d cover in Errors 101?

  2. Parthenogenesis
    If I deny that this profile no longer exists, will I unintentionally create a new life form? Because I have enough kids already, thanks.

  3. If a man can produce something from his body that’s about 5 to 12 pounds and is meatier than a newborn baby, I don’t want to see it.

    1. Spam profile?
           See, now that would go back to the sausage thing,
      wouldn't it?  Creating cameos or perhaps even full-on
      busts of people using only snack meats?  
           There's an industry waiting to be born...
      1. Re: I like the cut of your jib.

        Aw, man...
             I gotta get up at 4:30 tomorrow morning!
        But any other day of the week, my belaying pin
        and I would be more than willing to rip open a
        few Spam whelping vats in the name of art!  Or
        science.  Or necromancy--I mean, we're talking
        about Spam here....
                         Mad Dog

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