Advertising Scans for Friday

A sausage company attacks vegetarianism and commits unintentional goatse, and the makers of a sleep drug appear to be selling a powerful hallucinogen. It’s all behind the cut!

Vegetarian Awareness


14 thoughts on “Advertising Scans for Friday

  1. The goatse in such close proximity to the girl with the chili pepper(?) in her mouth make a great juxtaposition. Bonus points for “more party ideas than you can shake a meat stick at.”


  2. Beef Bites!
    It’s this sort of thing that leads people to tell their vegetarian friends that something is vegetarian because, “You can just eat around the meat.” As a vegetarian, I gotta say, they can just keep their damn party.
    I don’t usually watch commercials, but the chess playing beaver was a splendid exception. Thankfully, I don’t remember what product they were selling, so I can continue to pretend that my brain is still my own.


  3. Horrors of food
    What next, a pork chop with, in the background,
    a covetous Jew with a speech bubble saying:
    “oy, I wish I could eat that porkchop!” ?
    Such a publicity stunt, nu!


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