I thought we were using more sophisticated stuff these days.

From the job ad for the “Tech Expo Top Secret 2007” job fair for “security-cleared professionals”:

Catapult your job search by meeting nearly every major employer in the defense industry over 2 days. Federal Agencies & Government Contractors are actively hiring at our TECHEXPO Job Fair held within AFCEA’s WEST Conference in San Diego, CA. Even if you’re just surveying the job landscape, this is an excellent place to learn about available opportunities nationwide.

I have surveyed the landscape, sir! Permission to catapult!

A Scanner Dorkly

Another visit to the psychiatrist means another load of Drug Ad Scans. Two of these are actually not from a drug ad, but from an osteopathic college’s fundraiser magazine. The other two are the standard brochureware. Below we’ll learn why misshapen closeted animal trainers are humanitarian, why Bob shouldn’t use the nail gun for a while, and the relationship between bipolar disease and endless green rolling hills.

Siegfried, Roy, and a construction guy with issues

Bacon Swiss Breasts (natural)

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Bacon Swiss Breasts (natural), originally uploaded by conradh.

I’m glad that at least one fast food chicken sandwich has not given in to the fad and had its breasts augmented.

I think I speak for all of us when I say: cosmetic surgery on bacon swiss crispy chicken must stop.