Marketing IV: via threepunchstuff

The “Hispanic” market is different. Radio and TV are a lot more raw, maybe for cultural reasons and certainly because the FCC isn’t listening to much. And advertising crosses lines that wouldn’t be crossed in whitey ads:


13 thoughts on “Marketing IV: via threepunchstuff

  1. The Asian market is similar. A Chinese friend once showed me a tube of “Darkie Toothpaste,” with its Al Jolson-like mascot.
    One of my professors used the term “racial triangulation” to describe this phenomenon.


  2. When I was going to school at Yonsei (in Kolea, 2002), there was this ad on TV showing some cartoon terrorists flying a plane into a building, but then superman comes and throws a copy of the Joong Ang Ilbo (a newspaper) over the cockpit window and saves the day.
    My students in Korea sometimes wanted to name themselves “Terrorbomb.”


    1. komyendo kipes el jomfo
      Thanks for looking that up. I was wracking my brain trying to parse it as some insane inflected form of <a href=


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