Bacon Swiss Breasts (natural)

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Bacon Swiss Breasts (natural), originally uploaded by conradh.

I’m glad that at least one fast food chicken sandwich has not given in to the fad and had its breasts augmented.

I think I speak for all of us when I say: cosmetic surgery on bacon swiss crispy chicken must stop.

2 thoughts on “Bacon Swiss Breasts (natural)

  1. I generally prefer my breasts big and juicy and sliced off by a filthy machine and placed on a sesame seed bun by despondent human dregs trying to imagine a world with less suck in it. Because, as a man, I find tits to be yummy.

  2. Especially because the nipple gets all off center and weird. Plus after you buy your sandwich Augmentations, it just leaves you to move to L.A.

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