Greatest hits of the custom friends lists

LJ-Toys tracks, among other things, which custom friend groups you’re in on others’ lists. Today a new feature was brought out; a list of all such groups they track. Some of my favorites:

Drug (extra filtered)
No Gibbet
not florida chick
Not Leah (that’s two in a row excluding turnip!)
party minus maciej (sorry, Maciej)
people who don’t make me creepy-creepy
Pregnancy secret
everyone but damnportlanders
music-goofy clique free
not jameth (lols)
Important People Not Megan
no dog star
Random Sluts

17 thoughts on “Greatest hits of the custom friends lists

    1. The popular method simply uses Referer tracking (your browser says “I’m fetching this image because it’s mentioned on this page”). It’s done by many stat counter services. ljtoys is the only one I know of that does LJ-specific analysis.
      Those worried about privacy should see this post.

      1. Yeah, exactly. I can’t see what any one person’s particular lists are, but I can see which of anybody’s lists I am on.

  1. I only have one filter, which I use exclusively. It’s called “interesting,” and I created it to stem the tide of Too Many Uninteresting Posts from people I’d rather not unfriend for some reason or other.
    Now my secret is out!

  2. “not leah”
    haha, wow
    I’ve got a filter called “NO SPIES”
    I haven’t used it in a long ass time, but I’ve got it.

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