Broiled T-Bone steak with peppercorn sauce
Fried “Burro” bananas with lemon juice, pepper, a little sugar
Fresh tomatoes sliced with a little olive oil

Dinner for sainted mother same, except shrimp sauteed in olive oil with black pepper replacing steak.

Dinner for cat: Feline K/D (chicken).

Dinner for moths outside: bonk bonk bonk bonk on lightbulb.


Going from a half dose of two antidepressants to no dose of any antidepressant is a ride. And by “ride” I mean “rusty Tilt-A-Swing-A-Clank-A-Whirl operated by carnies at the County Fair.”

I woke up at 3:30 pm today feeling hung over. The day went slowly for three hours while caffeine and my last remaining head pill (Adderall) took effect and I got some minor stuff done and dorked. I showered, felt better, and needed to go for groceries; my brother was arriving for a visit for a few days and a full larder was a necessity.

Then I went to Trader Joes to get food. As I was checking out my stuff I got the sweats, blurry vision, stomach upset, headache, and total exhaustion. It was like a sugar low plus jet lag plus the flu, all at once.

I made it home, stuffed the freezer and fridge things in their place, and told my brother and mom that there was easy food there for them to eat. I then drank a liter of Orangina and ate some yogurt and collapsed.

There’s a Dead Man’s Party in my hippocampus and you’re all invited!

Bob Newhart joins the Army

If you thought being a driver trainer on the streets was scary, consider this:

The driver training tank is essentially a regular Leopard 2 MBT with its turret replaced by a special observation cabin, with a dummy gun and extra weight to simulate that of an MBT turret.The instructor, with appropriate devices to override the trainee driver seated in the hull, sits in the front seat of the observation cabin. Two additional seats in the “glasshouse” provide space for pupils to observe.

For the Cheese Crew: Head… Injury… REPORT!


A teenager who knocked himself out while chasing a Double Gloucester cheese down a hill was among 25 people hurt in a Cheese Rolling competition.

Chris Anderson, 18, won one of the five races which make up the annual contest, in which dozens of people race down a 1:2 gradient hill after a large cheese.

St John Ambulance workers at the race, on Coopers Hill in Brockworth, said two people were taken to hospital.

One spectator was given treatment after being hit by a runaway cheese…

Greatest hits of the custom friends lists

LJ-Toys tracks, among other things, which custom friend groups you’re in on others’ lists. Today a new feature was brought out; a list of all such groups they track. Some of my favorites:

Drug (extra filtered)
No Gibbet
not florida chick
Not Leah (that’s two in a row excluding turnip!)
party minus maciej (sorry, Maciej)
people who don’t make me creepy-creepy
Pregnancy secret
everyone but damnportlanders
music-goofy clique free
not jameth (lols)
Important People Not Megan
no dog star
Random Sluts

To Don’t List (slight return)

  • Going to IHOP during All-You-Can-Eat-Pancakes promotion and eating three servings of pancakes after being on a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate regimen for two years
  • Trying — several times — to remove a contact lens from your left eye when the lens is in fact not there.
  • Mixing an underlying neurologic injury, resultant ADD-like and emotional pathologies, long-term personality and character issues, three psychiatric medications including a stimulant, and two dangerous sites for neurofeedback all in the same month
  • Listening to Devo and Neil Young duetting on “Hey Hey My My” from the soundtrack to Human Highway. (Only made 3:14 into a 9:43 track, and friends can testify that my tolerance for funnypain bad music is very, very high)
  • Putting some dark brown curry spice powder in a peanut butter jar that was then placed next to the other peanut butter jar containing the actual dark brown peanut butter