For the Cheese Crew: Head… Injury… REPORT!

A teenager who knocked himself out while chasing a Double Gloucester cheese down a hill was among 25 people hurt in a Cheese Rolling competition.

Chris Anderson, 18, won one of the five races which make up the annual contest, in which dozens of people race down a 1:2 gradient hill after a large cheese.

St John Ambulance workers at the race, on Coopers Hill in Brockworth, said two people were taken to hospital.

One spectator was given treatment after being hit by a runaway cheese…

5 thoughts on “For the Cheese Crew: Head… Injury… REPORT!

  1. People die cheese-rolling a lot of years. I have a horrible video of a guy bouncing down the hill with his legs all broken as his cheese careers out of control. Fortunately he’s so drunk he doesn’t really notice til he’s safely strapped up in hospital. I knew a couple of guys from that part of the world who used to cheese-roll – they said indulging in magic mushrooms was quite prevalent amongst the rollers.

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