Greatest hits of the custom friends lists

LJ-Toys tracks, among other things, which custom friend groups you’re in on others’ lists. Today a new feature was brought out; a list of all such groups they track. Some of my favorites:

Drug (extra filtered)
No Gibbet
not florida chick
Not Leah (that’s two in a row excluding turnip!)
party minus maciej (sorry, Maciej)
people who don’t make me creepy-creepy
Pregnancy secret
everyone but damnportlanders
music-goofy clique free
not jameth (lols)
Important People Not Megan
no dog star
Random Sluts

You have chosen “Slow and Painful”. Great choice!


Fig. 1: A 1977 Mercury Retrograde

I despise astrology, but I’m starting to wonder if they’re right about that whole “Mercury in retrograde” thing. I mean, I’m actually doing okay, better than I have in quite a while. Meanwhile, three-fourths of the people I know are having huge problems: substance abuse relapses, serious legal problems, bad government surprises, social disasters, Bad Love, medical “fun”, surprise pop-up angst toys, Personal Itch, and insurance companies.

When your Mercury goes retrograde, my advice is junk it and buy a Honda before you put any more money in it. That’s what I say.