8 thoughts on “Bad idea jeans: the community

  1. When I’m people watching I sometimes think about the fact that all these normal looking people could really be closet hypochondriacs freaking out inside while looking so normal meandering through the crowd.


    1. At least one other friend of mine likes that community. I found it frustrating and occasionally scary. There are lots of wheels being re-invented very badly by people who can’t or won’t look something up, being advised by other people who can’t or won’t look something up. Asking random friendly people on the internet what to do about a bee infestation or how long it’s safe to leave out the potato salad never looked like a good strategy to me.
      Maybe I’m Grampa Simpson.


  2. I think my brain just got fried by the virginized people. Most of them seem pretty cool; but for the love of pants someone must stop a few of those people. There’s one dude on there who is the epitome of why some people don’t like Christians in general.
    I made the mistake of actually reading his lj and looking at his website. WTF?


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