Adventures in literature: what’s with all the big words?

reminded me of a favorite Internet book reviewer, and linked me to two of his critical pieces I had not seen.

  1. Moby-Dick “The plot could be wholly told in about 15 pages, none ommitted. The rest is philosophy and whale-encyclopedia.”
  2. Mrs. Dalloway “Just WTF is this book about ? Making fun of the London “drawing rooms” society of 100 years ago ? M…kay, whatever.”
  3. The Odyssey “The style is heavy, but there’s no other way out, I guess. They spake (hehe…) this way back then…”


Caption of the day and/or News QOTD of the day from the Orange County Register:

“Craig Gross, founder of XXX, next to a stack of “Jesus loves a porn star” Bibles that his staff handed out at the AVN Adult Expo in Los Vegas in January. This weekend, Gross is coming to Huntington Beach for one of the organization’s signature events: Porn and Pancakes.”

At least they have pancakes.