8 thoughts on “Unusual “baby shower” with the coffeehouse degenerates

  1. Ahhh drunk baby! I think you just took the mandatory “baby with beer” photo that we all seem to have in our photo albums. This one is especially nice because the baby does indeed look intoxicated.


  2. A drunk baby is a happy baby!
    That dessert looks fantastic, I’ll have to take extra diabetic meds just looking at it! LOL!
    That last guy by himself looks kinda hot in a “rip his cloths off and get all busy” way!


    1. Haha! Les was always a bit peeved that he never got hit on at our local gay bar. Now he can be vindicated.
      And yeah, that dessert was dangerous. In fact, the whole meal was a diabetic’s nightmare: vegetarian, but almost all carb casseroles of some kind.


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