I have no subject line, I just like saying “WHAT?”

This is “courtesy” mcbrennan.

I was just arriving at puberty while this stuff was going on. Pity my dysfunction. From 1977, we present Rolling Stone’s anniversary and the most something-or-other Beatles medley ever.

6 thoughts on “I have no subject line, I just like saying “WHAT?”

  1. Holy Mother of Yoko.
    So I guess you must remember that Sgt. Pepper’s movie with the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton and Steve Martin and doing coke with groupies on giant turntables that became beds or something. Traumatizing! I saw it like a dozen times as a child and it truly shaped my vision of what adult life would be like. (See also Love at First Bite. I was pretty sure being a grown-up was all about discos and capes. Oh look, my default icon is all set for this comment!)


  2. NO
    That guy looks like Robert Patrick in CopLand. Plus his phrasing is all wrong: he sustains the wrong notes in “A Day In The Life”: ‘I read the NEEEWS toDAAAY…’


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