What does this “toy” require of us?

Give me back my filet-o-ghost

The mechanical fish wants us to return the fast-food meal consisting of dismembered and reconstituted real fish that has been fried and then frozen and then reheated and sold at a McDonalds. How are we to respond? Is this a Scrooge/Marley scenario? Is the mechanical fish a vengeful ghost? Can we “give back” this item to the mechanical revenge ghost fish in any way that is meaningful? Why won’t it shut up? How did we get to this place? SHIELD ME FROM THE FISH

11 thoughts on “What does this “toy” require of us?

  1. This piscine animatron is a point on the curve that connects Disneyworld with the future dystopias of Phil K. Dick. At the same time that He reproaches us for our humanity, He reminds us that a better model for intelligence exists: one designed not from meat but from vacuum-sealed circuits, one preoccupied not with Lindsay Lohan and pseudospeciation but with infinite Fibonacci models. SURRENDER TO THE FISH

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