Dear Lazyweb: 19th century font

I need to use a quote from the 1820s or so for a shirt/sticker project. The language is formal. I don’t want to use Comic Sans, nor do I want to use something I pull out of the list randomly. What does Lazyweb recommend?

16 thoughts on “Dear Lazyweb: 19th century font

    1. Re: need more info, please?
      Don’t wanna give it away.
      It just needs to be period appropriate and formal. Think “Jane Austen in print.”

  1. Do you want a display font or like a book text font? Does it need to be something you already have? I think the Baskerville font family (esp. Old Face) looks fairly authentically 19th c. text. There’s also Caslon. If you want a display font you could just browse here, and if you just need a graphic, you can make a sample in your own quotation, take a screenshot and edit it down to the text in question. (May take more than one shot.)

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