wator heator

It’s not my pilot light or the thermocouple. I’m not getting any gas at all. It’s probably the gas pipe itself. To avoid blowing myself up or calling the plumber unnecessarily, I schedule an appointment with the Gas Company. This requires that I remain in the house from 7 am to possibly 8 pm tomorrow. (Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him, etc)

I figured this was the best policy since the gas company here are safety maniacs and will give me good advice so as to avoid cheatr plumrs.

It’s funny. In our household the shorthand term for a sudden expensive disaster is “water heater.”

5 thoughts on “wator heator

  1. There goes any pre-4th festivities. i.e. no partying it up at Chronic Cantina with the flatbillers. How will you survive?!

  2. If you need a plumber that does not suck, I have a good one I use on a regular basis. Not sure if he goes to CM or not though.

  3. the gas company are pretty good folks; i’ve called them out a stupid amount of times in the last 12 years to turn my pilot light on, in my wall heater and stove. they are ready to show up if you even hint at smelling gas anywhere.

  4. house stuff
    always scary. I had tile issues in bathroom (the crappy aluminum ones were falling off) and had to schedule a demolition and rete-tile. Which of course was 20% more than original estimate. Something I learned on vacation.
    Ugh. I want to switch out my water heater for an on-demand. The basement-based big boiling vat with a flame scares me.

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