9 thoughts on “boom

    1. Somehow I don’t resent the Mexican obsession with fireworks as much as my own people’s craziness. In any case, I don’t want to have my house burned down by anyone.


      1. Save my manuscript! It’s the only copy!
        At some point during the evening, I allowed my brain to think about that and I made a mental list of what I would save: laptop, external drives, strat, 7-string, lap steel (currently on loan from stepdad), and if I could make another trip push the equipment rack down the stairs…
        All-time winner still has to be the street that Ryan and Lyam lived on. I’m surprised no one died.


    2. Which part of Costa Mesa do you live in? Beirut or Baghdad? They blowed up some shit but GOOD in the street here right by the police station and the nice Christian college. Hooray.


      1. Tikrit!
        No, Bear & Paularino. It wasn’t too bad here, but I was just really alarmed that one small group of people was able to sustain a good 2 1/2 hours worth of fireworking, and not at a leisurely pace…


    1. You mean the FDNY shirt thing? Yeah. It’s everywhere, and of course I live in a very right-wing part of the world where any kind of flagschmerz is compulsory.
      The CMFD, NBFD, and OCFA were probably not impressed, assuming that their colleagues in the FDNY also disapproved of breaching the fire regulations and causing injury and damage.


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