9 thoughts on “a new patio born?

  1. This is just so sad. Now I have to lay in bed tonight knowing this restaurant chain (and all that entails) exists on paper because of a clever name. I hope all the staff fuck like dogs.


  2. I used to go to Cosi now and again to study in DC. It’s a chain, but it’s not horrible. Or at least it wasn’t 4 or 5 years ago.
    The “bagels” are spazztastic though – square. SQUARE.
    At some point, can we just think of a new name and stop riding on the whole bagel thing, people?


  3. hmmm
    The Costa Mesa location opened Saturday in the Metro Pointe at South Coast shopping center, on the former spot of Sam Woo Seafood and Barbecue Express.
    If that’s like it used to be, it’s nowhere you’d want to ‘linger’ for any amount of time.


      1. Re: hmmm
        Well granted this was 7 years ago now, but yeah the above, and the periodic swarms of loud people from the theater, and also the Jan and Paul crowd, and etc.


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