Moon over unincorporated areas of Anaheim

The full moon probably does cause more crimes and craziness. It just makes a person feel weird having that big glowing orb up there. And here it was a warm summer night the week after the schools got out. Looney tunes.

I saw at least five bicyclists without light or helmet, heard a call on the fire radio about an accident, and then saw the emergency people rushing to the scene after one of the bicyclists was run over down by the Frog House.

I saw a guy just standing on the top of a bus shelter, looking reflective.

Punk Rock Tom told us the story of how he had a blowout in the work truck and slammed into the safety rail on an overpass. He was bleeding from the chin and trying to cut the rim off to get loose of the rail when the Metro guys came and forced a tow off, then dumped him in a parking lot in Carson which was full of CHUDs. He duct taped his chin wound shut and finished the repair so the CHUDs wouldn’t steal his tools. Punchline is that he didn’t consider the stitches in his chin to be an injury and wouldn’t have told the story at all unless we’d insisted. An injury for Tom is a broken leg from skateboarding. Tom has a ’52 Ford Victoria which he has sculpted into a genuinely beautiful work of art. He had to cut the steering wheel to a half moon shape because otherwise he was always bobbing his head to see out the slit-like front window.

The “Fritz’s That’s Too” strip club had a marquee sign that communicated: IT’S “DUCK” SEASON! Yes, the name of the place is “Fritz’s That’s Too.”

I think tonight was also Some Kind of High School Party because the county was full of nervously glamorous teenaged girls dressed in their first grown-up summer night out dresses.

I am reading Burton’s Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Meccah. It is a magical book and this is the fourth time I’ve dived into it.

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  1. “duck” season?!
    we talked about that book in a great class i took a couple years ago — here’s a badly-formatted partial syllabus, if you’re interested. there’s a whole genre of this white-guy-travels-to-the-middle-east stuff, including the john lloyd stephens book (“incidents of travel”), popular in the 1800s… you might have known all this already, of course.

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