Happy October, California!

We had high winds all day gusting to 60 mph. Along with the fires up in Malibu and out in Fontana, we got one of our own between Santiago Canyon and Irvine.

It’s almost 9:30 pm and the temp is 76F, wind is in the 30 mph range, and there’s a choking stench of smoke. The fire is spreading at least right now.

Of course the fire started at the edge of populated Orange County, where Foothill Ranch meets the real canyon country. Once again they put a suburb right at the mouth of the bellows where the fire will always blow hottest.

I’m lucky to be living where we just get the stench. Dad picked the house well.

This is the fourth or fifth time in my life that I’ve seen a suburban shopping mall parking lot full of tumbleweeds.

wator heator

It’s not my pilot light or the thermocouple. I’m not getting any gas at all. It’s probably the gas pipe itself. To avoid blowing myself up or calling the plumber unnecessarily, I schedule an appointment with the Gas Company. This requires that I remain in the house from 7 am to possibly 8 pm tomorrow. (Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him, etc)

I figured this was the best policy since the gas company here are safety maniacs and will give me good advice so as to avoid cheatr plumrs.

It’s funny. In our household the shorthand term for a sudden expensive disaster is “water heater.”


Broiled T-Bone steak with peppercorn sauce
Fried “Burro” bananas with lemon juice, pepper, a little sugar
Fresh tomatoes sliced with a little olive oil

Dinner for sainted mother same, except shrimp sauteed in olive oil with black pepper replacing steak.

Dinner for cat: Feline K/D (chicken).

Dinner for moths outside: bonk bonk bonk bonk on lightbulb.