I’d love to see people, do things, get out of the house, etc. And I may! But if anyone wants to hang out, you’re driving. My two modes right now are It Hurts To Drive and I Am High On Drugs, and I don’t relish either.

I can walk just fine, though. Maybe I’ll walk down to 17th. Must take the right route, because “Aqua Man” lives around the corner from me now. In the same trailer park as Pirate Phil. Whoof.

Lost in a one story town
Where everything’s close to the ground
Yeah the same shit goes down
Nothing comes around
It’s a one, story. town.

4 thoughts on “MY WEAK END

  1. why are they not giving me the good drugs for my shoulder? probably because if they did, i wouldn’t do the PT exercises. it hurts to drive, yes, but where i live i can get away with staying out of traffic and driving mostly with my left arm. except when i got home with the groceries and dragged them into the house, i managed to hit my head opening the the freezer door. does it never end?


  2. I was going to call you yesterday afternoon to see if you wanted to go for coffee…but then I discovered it was cold and windy. I didn’t end up staying very long…just long enough to see Nick. If you SHOULD desire coffee and lack a suitable mode of transportation, give me a call.


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