this space intentionally left honk

Thank you burntcurtis for taking me out on an impromptu and very romantic man-date. We walked about at UCI, had a coffee at one of the last remaining Diedrich (!), bothered titmongler there, ate a good round-eye chinese meal, and finally went to the CVS so I could get opiates and milk.

And yeah, tight jeans are dumb, John.

And yeah, Michael McDonald does suck.

Stop now and put down your pencil. Do not get up or raise your hand. Wait until the proctor announces the end of the examination.

9 thoughts on “this space intentionally left honk

  1. I hate Michael McDonald. I thank ’40 Year Old Virgin’ for popularizing my hatred, so that more know of his crimes.

  2. Hey I want in next time you guys hit up UCI marketplace. I have a bad obession with Asia Noodle Cafe’s Seafood Curry Ramen.
    PS: I’m loving Beeker. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

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