Ow my globalization: Chinese Dodge

Summary from Automotive Digest:


  • Chrysler Group to import small Dodge car from China’s Chery automaker, beginning in 2008
  • Deal confirmed by DC, 1st such pact w/ Chinese automaker by any major Western producer
  • Tentatively named Dodge Hornet, ‘B-car’ subcompact will be smaller than Dodge Caliber
  • Chrysler turns to China because cost of building domestic B-car all but wipes out profit
  • Deal pressures UAW on carmaking costs
  • Holding prospect of small SUVs, compacts also farmed out to China


  • Chery already exports cars to about 20 countries in SE Asia, Africa, Middle East
  • Chrysler CEO Tom LaSorda praises Chery’s manufacturing record
  • Says it’s “good fit” w/ domestic automaker’s engineering, design staffs
  • Chery deal still to be ratified by DC supervisory board, UAW chief Ron Gettelfinger is member
  • Chery-Chrysler liaison began after Chinese automaker broke off agreement w/ US dealer group working w/ Malcolm Bricklin

Detroit Freep news article has more

4 thoughts on “Ow my globalization: Chinese Dodge

  1. I wonder about the “karma” as the name of this car was last used by AMC, who inherited it from their Hudson Nash merger heritage? The original Hudson Hornet was a popular car and made a name for itself racing on Daytona Beach, Florida in the 1950’s.
    What next, the Gremlin name comes back?! LOL!

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