10 thoughts on “Benny Hinn Overdrive

  1. Many years ago in my fledgling days as a Spirit-filled Christian, i attended a convention in Syracuse, New York. I’m guessing this was in about 1980. Benny Hinn was the speaker and we were at one end of what I remember as a hockey or basketball auditorium.
    In the course of speaking about the Holy Spirit, Benny Hinn had everyone standing. At some point he gestured to the audience and at minimum 50% of the adults attending fell down (mostly into their seats). I was not one of them. I cannot explain what happened. Somewhere between 300 and 500 people went down.
    Seeing him push against someone or worse, I believe most people will at least fall back so as not to embarass themseves, but people in the audience who are many many feet away from him went down without any obvious assistance.
    I am no longer a religious person. I do know what I saw around me.


    1. I am no longer a religious person. I do know what I saw around me.
      You saw religious LARPing. Those people came to see Benny Hinn so they could get knocked over by his magical high-five, and they did. It’s no different than why people like to see funny movies in crowded theatres; so they can get swept away by the crowd and beleive.


  2. Dude… that is tremendous! Ahhh… my halcyon days in Baltimore… I remember my roommates Glenda, and April, and sometimes Glenda’s girlfriend and I would sit around on Sunday mornings after I had made us some horrifically decadant breakfast, we would get really, really high and watch Benny Hinn, or his Jedi teacher Earnest Ainsley and laugh until we nearly passed out…
    Now sing with me in the words of the ancients… It’s forehead slaaaaaapin’ tiiiiiimmmmmeeee…”


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