The Crew that Never Rests: Crowdsourced Absurdity

In a word, their pleasures were showy, but totally unsubstantial—their activity unceasing, but fruitless and unavailing—and their condemnation appears to have consisted in the necessity of maintaining the appearance of constant industry or enjoyment, though their toil was fruitless and their pleasures shadowy and unsubstantial. Hence poets have designed them as “the crew that never rest.” Besides the unceasing and useless bustle in which these spirits seemed to live, they had propensities unfavourable and distressing to mortals.

— Sir Walter Scott, Letters on Demonology


games without frontiers

Twitch Plays Pokemon via The Wisdom of Crowds (Metafilter). I think that Sisyphus is happy, and his name is Legion.

“The fun part is closing circuits through vegetables.”

This excels even by my high standards for internet-distributed vegetable-based music. I wonder if you went on tour, could you rely on local supplies, or would you have to bring your own? Could you freeze and then thaw some of the instruments? There’s no way eggplant, for example, would hold up to that kind of treatment. You hit town, your drummer disappears to score, and the carrots go soft…

Via Dangerous Minds