9 thoughts on “No New Year

      1. Thank you for the movie pointer, by the way. I really must check it out. I’m a huge Dick Powell fan. (And Ruby Keeler’s not half bad herself.)

      2. Ooh, I’m glad to give a musical tip anytime. It’s a sweet little film (no dancing from Ruby, though- a shame!) with Dick as his cheeky cutest singing “Aloha Oi” as he wins Ruby’s heart. That’s my favorite bit of the film, and it has several other delightful songs. Ruby Keeler is that rare someone who endears herself to the audience due to her lack of stage presence, except when she dances. She’s quite an original. I think she’s swell.

  1. No list no resolution no recap no first lines no photoessay no best of no worst of no top stories no looks back no wife no horse no mustache.
    That’s not how the middle of ‘Turning Japanese’ goes.

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