Um. Portland. Guys? What the…


I knew you had a hipster problem and a hippie problem, but this whole post-ironic Partridge Family droogies thing is extreme. It sounds more like one of onda_dog‘s pranks than a news story.

Major points to the cop for dissing these guys and their tiresome attention-whoring: “There’s nothing special about these people. Their behavior is typical of thousands of people in Portland that we have to deal with every day. They’re run-of-the-mill goof balls.” Oh SNAP.

18 thoughts on “Um. Portland. Guys? What the…

    1. Oh. My. God. Jason Fell’s part of that shit.
      I’ll just say that when I first encountered Jason, I was living in his parents’ basement, he was fourteen, and convinced the Necronomicon was real. The last time I saw him, it was seven or eight years ago, and I was getting high and watching a pre-release bootleg of Blair Witch Project and he and a bunch of his friends were there and convinced that *it* was real.
      Poor Jason.


    Okay, so I’ve never heard of these folks, but strangely, it doesn’t surprise me that they’re here. It surprises me even less that they are in my ‘hood, the southeast. A good chunk of the population has a “keep Portland weird” bumper sticker on their car. Sometimes that is weird-fun, like massively multiplayer pillow fights, and sometimes that is weird-scary like these guys.


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