Um. Portland. Guys? What the…


I knew you had a hipster problem and a hippie problem, but this whole post-ironic Partridge Family droogies thing is extreme. It sounds more like one of onda_dog‘s pranks than a news story.

Major points to the cop for dissing these guys and their tiresome attention-whoring: “There’s nothing special about these people. Their behavior is typical of thousands of people in Portland that we have to deal with every day. They’re run-of-the-mill goof balls.” Oh SNAP.

Dear Portland Emigrés

vegemitelover just revealed to me that he’s becoming accustomed to breastfeeding in public.

I am nonplussed. I had no idea he was even pregnant, much less that there was a child. As supportive as I am of breastfeeding in the early years, it’s hard to see how he could get enough milk from himself to get any benefit. Has he read up on this? I wonder if he may be trying to fake it with a hidden bottle of some kind. I don’t want to pry, or to appear too critical of alternative lifestyles, but one has to consider the health of the infant, here.

There’s also some business about him doing this with bearded ladies at a computer fair. Is a circus involved? I really don’t understand Portland life.