This is how it will look, folks.

Pete gave me the update on that crazy “let’s simulate a pandemic including all the creepy quarantine arrests” story. The best paragraph in the new story:

Walsh said the drill didn’t apparently alarm area residents because county officials didn’t receive any calls, but she added that the investigators reported that small groups of curious people gathered to watch the actors be cuffed with plastic handcuffs and taken away in unmarked cars.

Oh hey great. When they take me to Camp Halliburton, there will be a small group of curious people watching.

8 thoughts on “This is how it will look, folks.

      1. Re: now that IS talent
        Through the chip implanted in my brain to make sure I don’t think anything wrong. It’s compatible with my iPod!

  1. Well by then, the argument will have extended from “If you’re not doing anything wrong what do you care if they’re listening?” to “if you’re not doing anything wrong, why do you care if they arrest you?”

    1. And More Patriotically Corrector Than Thou
      As some may recall from the Classic Moretoreum Sweeps under Nixon, when the Police rounded up even the nice cute “Young Republican” Types

      If you have nothing to worry about,
      Then Why are you worrying about why They are being detained?

      So it will all be a positive side to all of this as all gets better and better!!!
      Remember, FEMA is a part of the Directorate Of State Security, and they are here to Protect US from those who are not our friends.

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