I’ve never been a sports fan, but I’m a huge fan of the revolution in women’s sports in the U.S. Title IX went in about when I was in junior high school, and the result has been a huge increase in the respect, encouragement, and resources girls get in the athletic world growing up. Not just women’s sports, but women crashing men’s sports.

The effect on our culture is huge.

I have a special place in my heart for women auto racers, because I am a car nut and because it’s a boy’s club where women can excel. What’s required is endurance, precision, and courage.


Also, inexpicable picture of Danica having a toy car race apparently supervised by Madeline Albright on FOX News. ?


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  1. that reminds me…
    the WNBA starts their season tomorrow. Wish I was in Phoenix to see Diana and the other’s play Thursday night.

  2. Humdinger!
    Somewhere amidst the piles of paper in my mom’s house is an autographed picture of Shirley Muldowney that I got at Pomona.
    Also, NPR ran an opinion piece this morning that basically took the opposite position on women in sports. It looked at hazing rituals in amateur sports organizations (debauched college teams I think) mostly and concluded that instead of cleaning up the world of sports, the world of sports took over the women and its society’s loss or something.
    I don’t know, it sounded stupid and the guy sounded old. He probably has never heard of Danica Patrick and is not aware that women are allowed to drive automobiles.

    1. Re: Humdinger!
      College sports is a mess in every way, more so the higher you go on the success ladder. I can believe that transplanting the messed-up values of high-profile college athletics from men into women would produce a monster.
      I was thinking of the K-12 years, when kids are individuating and getting a sense of themselves socially. Encouraging girls to be powerful and successful in a whole new sphere has got to be good.

  3. I, too, love this irony. She is a hot one. I would give her some sisterly advice and be like, “yo, I know you drive them cars real fast, but stay away from Fontana!”

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